10 Reasons to Convert Your Loft Space

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Homeowners opt to convert their loft space for many different reasons. Here are 10 of the most popular reasons to convert your loft.

1. Extra Living Space in Your Home

This is the first & main reason for homeowners looking to convert their loft. They want more room! Whether thats because of a child on the way or for a retirement “craft” room the loft space is an excellent way of adding space without the upheaval of extensions. 

2. Increase the property value

Adding another floor to your property will obviously increase its value (usually by more than the cost of the works!) Figures show typically a 20-25% increase with a Loft Conversion.

3. An Extra Bathroom

In these modern busy times, an extra Bath or Shower Room is very important & Loft Conversions are ideal to provide this.

4. Extra Insulation

Most of the heat lost through your home is via an uninsulated roof. Modern Building regulations require huge amounts of insulation within a loft conversion & as such, this will result in a warm insulated roof that will be energy efficient.

5. The View

Although most people wont see the view until a loft has been constructed, believe me, the wait will be worth it. Whether the view is of the Pennines or Inner City Industrial the view can be breathtaking from the Third Storey!

6. Beat the Estate Agent

Nobody likes paying these guys…. or the government in Stamp Duty. If you need an extra bedroom. Don’t Move out, Move UP!

7. No red tape

Loft Conversions are simple when it comes to legislation. Many DO NOT require planning permission and can be started within a few weeks of a survey.

8. Fixed Price Building Works

With no ground works or “grey” areas, we are confident enough to offer a fixed price for a full loft conversion. This gives peace of mind when compared to estimates for extensions.

9. Works contained within the loft space

During the conversion, the rest of the house remains largely untouched. No big hole in the garden or dug up driveway. Materials are posted into the loft & the remainder of your house is business as usual!

10. Easy accessible storage

All our loft conversions have built in storage with easy access via custom doors. No more fiddly dangerous loft ladders when its Xmas tree time. Simply open a storage cupboard door, flick on a light & its all to hand.
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