Case Study – Gardner Road, Prestwich

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Milltown Lofts were appointed by Mr M & Miss H to build a home office in the unused loft space of their Victorian terraced house in North Manchester.
We designed a Rear Dormer with staircase over the existing. The clients specified a floor to ceiling window to make the most of the new view 2 stories up. They also wanted bigger roof windows, a BT phone line and TV point.
Before we started the Dormer part of the project. At the start of week 2, Milltown Lofts completely remove the roof and add the structure for a Rear Dormer. We arrive very early as soon as it is light & leave when the structure is complete. We make sure that the Firestone Rubbercover is installed onto the Dormer roof to make the structure 90% water tight.
Structure is complete around midday. We use a 150mm x 100mm header at the front of the Dormer and 100mm x 50mm timbers. On the top we lay 18mm OSB Sterling board with a tongue & groove. Roof Joists are designed by the structural engineer and dependent on the span.
Loft is finished & now has the perfect home office to work from. This Dormer Loft Conversion has great views over North Manchester. A great place to work from and for less than £25,000 inclusive.
Inside the new Dormer Loft Conversion. Picture shows how little space was there before we added this big Rear Dormer.
Externally, the planning laws mean that the Dormer must be clad in the same colour of the roof. This has a slate roof & the clients chose wisely to clad it in Anthracite uPVC including all the windows & the fascias & trims. Looks neat & modern.
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